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A Commitment to Local IT Support in Flint

When it comes to IT support, Flint businesses have an option that combines both local understanding and expertise: Birchall Reality Ltd. Our “service-first” ethos ensures you get reliable, tailored support that genuinely invests in your business success. We understand the Flint community, its unique needs, and the value of local business relationships.

Proximity and Remote Support: Best of Both Worlds

We’re based in Ruthin, making us an easy drive away via the A55 or A494. Our location allows us to serve Flint and its surrounding areas conveniently. What’s even better is our robust remote IT support capabilities. You get immediate attention without the wait, ensuring your business operations are uninterrupted.

Our Core Services and Their Value to Your Business
  1. Managed IT Support: For as low as £20 a month, get proactive support, as well as business Office 365 support, spam filtering, and antivirus security. Ideal for small businesses looking for outsourced IT support.

  2. Business IT Services: From setting up a business wifi network to network cabling installation, we offer specialised solutions tailored for your needs.

  3. WiFi & Connectivity: Whether it’s small business wifi mesh or a more comprehensive business wifi system, our solutions are enterprise-class.

  4. Security & Antivirus: As a seasoned firewall and antivirus installer, we keep your data and systems secure.

  5. Consultancy Services: Get expert advice on personal IT support needs or large projects. We provide a no-obligation second opinion.

  6. CCTV & Access Control: As a professional CCTV camera installer, our state-of-the-art systems are designed for both urban and remote settings.

  7. Domestic IT and Home Office IT Support: We offer call-out services for all your computer IT support needs, including printers, PCs, and laptops.

Why Choose Us Over Local Competitors

Our competitive edge isn’t just in our services, but also in how we deliver them. We’ve served over 150 businesses in the last ten years, attesting to our reliable and quick response times. As one of the few managed IT support companies with such a diversified service offering, we provide a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs, from business email services to on-site IT support.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re setting up a small business wifi access point or need small business email server options, Birchall Reality Ltd offers a spectrum of IT services that are just a click away. So, when you think “IT Support in Flint”, think Birchall Reality Ltd—your local IT partner with the know-how of a multi-national.