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Local IT Support in Hawarden by Birchall Reality Ltd

Neighbours and businesses in Hawarden, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on our IT services today, specifically designed to meet the needs of our local clientele. As a trusted provider of local IT support with decades of experience, Birchall Reality Ltd is not just around the corner; we’re also just a click away.

Changing Geographies, Consistent Support

Being based down the road in Ruthin, we’re incredibly close to Hawarden—thanks to strong transport links and accessible roads. But distance means little in the modern world, especially with our highly efficient remote IT support. Whether you’re in the office or working from a café, we’re always just a click away.

Tailoring IT Services for Hawarden Businesses

When it comes to managed IT support, our proactive approach ensures your business stays operational. From business office 365 support to computer IT support, we offer a plethora of services that empower businesses, big or small.

If you’re a small business or company looking to set up a business WiFi network, we’ve got your back. Our network cabling installers and business WiFi installers are trained to optimise small business WiFi access points and even small business WiFi mesh systems.

Security First

With a rise in cyber threats, there’s a greater need for robust cybersecurity solutions. We’re not just a firewall installer but a provider of comprehensive cybersecurity, including cloud-managed CCTV camera installers who are skilled at setting up state-of-the-art systems for both urban and remote settings.


The Value of Choosing Us

The first thought that comes to mind when considering outsourcing IT support is experience. With a track record of serving over 150 businesses in the last decade, we present a compelling case over local competitors. Fast response times, coupled with a small team of contract engineers for larger projects, position us as a committed partner in your journey towards greater efficiency, security, and business success.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re seeking personal IT support for a home office setup or are on the hunt for a managed IT support company for your multi-national corporation, Birchall Reality Ltd caters to all.

In a nutshell, our proximity to Hawarden and breadth of services make us a favourable choice for IT support. Feel free to drop us a line for a chat; after all, we’re just a click—or a short drive—away.