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Your Go-To IT Support in Holywell: Why Birchall Reality Ltd Stands Out

Finding reliable IT support in Holywell can be quite the task, especially when your small business depends on a swift and efficient tech setup. Here at Birchall Reality Ltd, we bring decades of experience in offering not just IT support, but a full spectrum of tech solutions that cater to a variety of needs.

Our Close Proximity and Remote Capabilities

Situated conveniently in Ruthin we’re practically neighbours with Holywell businesses. Our strong transport links ensure we’re not only within a short driving distance but also accessible for on-site IT support, should the need arise. Even better, our robust remote IT support services mean that help is just a click away—no matter where you’re located.

Services That Make a Difference

  1. Managed IT Support: Keep your business running smoothly with proactive 24/7 support from as low as £20 a month. We handle everything from business Office 365 support to email spam filtering.

  2. Business IT Services: Whether it’s network cabling, CCTV camera installations, or setting up a small business wifi mesh, we offer tailored solutions that are effective and budget-friendly.

  3. Home Office IT Support: If you’re one of the many who has transitioned to a home office, our by-appointment services ensure your home setup is as robust as any corporate office.


Advantages Over Local Competitors

What sets us apart from other local IT support companies are quick response times, expertise in small business IT support, and our commitment to understanding the unique needs of your business. We’ve even got a small team of contract engineers for larger projects, giving us the agility to adapt to varied business requirements.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to outsourced IT support, our proven track record speaks volumes. We’ve helped over 150 businesses with their tech needs in the last 10 years alone. Plus, our blend of local and remote support ensures you’re never far from expert help. We offer more than just computer IT support—we offer peace of mind.