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Your Local Advantage in IT Support Services with Birchall Reality Ltd in Malpas.

Delve into our specialised IT support services in Malpas with us. Our aim is to elucidate the differentiators that make our offerings unique and beneficial for businesses, whether they are in Malaps or in neighbouring regions.

A Stone’s Throw Away

Firstly, let’s talk about proximity. Malpas is comfortably within our service range; we’re a hop, skip and a jump away with strong transport links. But even if you can’t make the drive to us, we can reach you. Thanks to our state-of-the-art remote IT support, help is just a click away.

Managed IT Support: The Unsung Hero of Business Operations

Managed IT support is often an overlooked facet of business operations. With packages starting at just £20 a month, our managed IT support includes Office 365 support, robust antivirus security, and email spam filtering. This makes it an affordable yet invaluable tool for local small businesses to multi-national corporations.

Beyond Support: Tailored Business IT Services

No business is the same, and we pride ourselves on offering business IT support tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need help setting up a business WiFi network or want consultancy services, Birchall Reality Ltd stands apart from other managed IT support companies in its comprehensive scope.

Network and WiFi

We’re not just a business IT company; we’re your go-to business WiFi installer. Our experts know the ins and outs of setting up small business WiFi access points and mesh systems, ensuring a seamless and secure network. We even offer 4G connectivity for more remote locations.

Security: More Than Just Firewalls

In today’s environment, comprehensive security measures are non-negotiable. We are your local firewall installer, but our cybersecurity offerings go beyond that. We offer cloud backup and antivirus solutions that work in tandem to keep your business data safe.

Consultancy Services: Your Personal Business Advisor

Sometimes you need more than just outsourced IT support. You need a partner who can provide expert advice on various IT projects. Birchall Reality’s consultancy services act as your personal IT advisor, offering a second opinion on everything from the best small business email services to CCTV systems.

A Few Words on CCTV and Access Control

Speaking of CCTV, we also serve as a local CCTV camera installer. Our cloud-managed systems are not just technologically advanced but also incredibly versatile, suitable for both urban and remote settings.


Summing Up

Our commitment to service quality and “with care” ethos puts us a cut above the rest. With Birchall Reality Ltd, you’re not just choosing another IT company; you’re opting for a committed partner in your journey towards greater efficiency and business success.

For any more questions or to schedule an appointment, do feel free to contact us. Remember, whether you require on-site IT support or remote solutions, we’re just a click or a short drive away in Malpas.