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Your own IT Department: Expert service at a fraction of the cost

Managed I.T. Support

Hiring a full-time IT engineer can be a hefty financial commitment, with Reed suggesting starting salaries around £21,000 per year for basic first-line support. But what if you could have an entire IT department at your service, covering everything from first-line to second-line support, as well as procurement and project management, for a fraction of the cost? That’s where our Managed IT Support service comes in.

All-in-One IT Solutions

  • Laptop Issues: Experience a glitch? Don’t fret—give us a call, and we’ll resolve it efficiently.
  • Vendor Tech Jargon: Confused by tech speak from vendors? We’re here to translate it into plain English.
  • Vendor Liaison: Prefer us to handle your vendor communications? We can sort it all out on your behalf.
  • Printer Problems: When printers act up, it disrupts your workflow. We’ll get your printer back on track in no time.

Proactive Monitoring for Peace of Mind

In addition to immediate problem-solving, we offer ongoing proactive monitoring of your systems and security protocols, ensuring that your business stays operational and secure, no matter the challenges it faces.

Seamlessly integrate reliable IT solutions into your business operations without the heavy costs. Contact us today for comprehensive, affordable IT support that won’t break the bank.


What you get

These days, proactive IT management is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. With Birchall Reality’s Managed IT Support, we become your dedicated IT department, offering comprehensive oversight across your entire network. Here’s how we deliver unparalleled value for an unbeatable price:

Comprehensive Network Documentation

We maintain meticulous records of your IT systems, allowing us to manage them efficiently and troubleshoot issues swiftly.

24/7 Monitoring Across Devices

Whether it’s a PC, laptop, server, NAS, or any smart network device, our remote monitoring tools are on the job around the clock.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Thanks to our cutting-edge RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software, many issues are identified and rectified automatically, often without needing any direct input.

Anticipate, Mitigate, and Eliminate Risks

  • Spot potential problems before they escalate with our industry leading email scanning & filtering & antivirus services.
  • Prevent system failures from resulting in losses by keeping comprehensive, monitored backups of all your data.
  • Identify suspicious software activities to avert security breaches with our in-depth monitoring software.

All this starts at just £20 a month—a price point no on-site engineer could match for the scope of services we offer. Don’t compromise on quality or cost.

Choose Birchall Reality’s Managed Services for cost-effective, forward-thinking IT solutions.

Contact us today to learn more.

Managed I.T. Support