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The IT Support Your Local Business Needs: All Just a Stone’s Throw Away with Birchall Reality Ltd

Living and working in Mold, it’s good to know that exceptional IT support is available just down the road in Ruthin. Birchall Reality Ltd has decades of experience, and we’re as committed to our local community as we are to our broader client base.

Accessibility isn’t just about being nearby physically; we understand that in today’s fast-paced world, instant remote support can be just as vital. Whether we’re a short drive away or available at the click of a button, we’re the trusted name in local IT support in Mold.

Our Array of IT Services

Managed IT Support

Affordable and reliable managed IT support begins at just £20 a month. This is ideal for local businesses and includes comprehensive Office 365 support, top-notch spam filtering, and robust antivirus security.

Business IT Services

We’re your go-to business IT company, offering custom solutions in areas like network cabling, WiFi, and CCTV installation. Setting up a business WiFi network has never been easier with our expertise.

WiFi & Connectivity

Need a strong small business WiFi mesh? Our enterprise-class WiFi systems have you covered. We can also facilitate 4G connectivity for more remote locations.

Security & Antivirus

As a reliable firewall installer, we offer top-of-the-range cybersecurity services. From cloud backup to antivirus software, your business is safe with us.


Why Choose Us Over Local Competitors?

We have an edge when it comes to quick response times and our ethos of “service-first.” Moreover, we offer a unique blend of on-site IT support and remote IT support, ensuring your tech needs are met no matter the circumstances.

An Ear to the Ground, Eyes on the Tech

Our services are expansive but specialised, making us a perfect fit whether you need home IT support or small business IT support. Your emails are safer with us, offering the best small business email services and small business Office 365 support.

The Value We Bring to Mold

Mold businesses, big or small, can benefit from our range of services, from business WiFi systems to network cabling installer services. Choose us for your CCTV camera installer needs or to establish your small business email server, and you’re choosing unparalleled service and expertise.