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Seamless Connectivity Solutions with Birchall Reality Ltd

In today’s digitally-driven world, seamless connectivity is not just an amenity; it’s a necessity for businesses. Birchall Reality Ltd provides comprehensive business WiFi and connectivity solutions, ensuring your business stays connected, efficient, and secure. From staff and guest WiFi networks to complete internal data cabling for your office, our services are designed to support & elevate your operations.

WiFi Connectivity & Networks

Understanding the unique needs of different businesses, we offer tailored WiFi connectivity solutions. Whether it’s creating distinct networks for staff and guests or setting up hidden networks for point-of-sale systems, we prioritise security and compliance without compromising on performance. Our expertise extends to setting up robust warehouse WiFi systems, ensuring your logistics and operations never skip a beat.

WiFi & Connectivity
WiFi & Connectivity

Point to Point Links

Our point-to-point links are a testament to technical prowess, seamlessly connecting offices and buildings up to 15 kilometres apart. This service is perfect for expanding businesses in need of a reliable, secure connection between locations, without the need for costly infrastructure investments, as well as providing links across campsites, caravan parks and other outdoor businesses.

Internal Data Cabling

We recognise the backbone of any network is its cabling. That’s why Birchall Reality Ltd offers top-notch internal data cabling services, including CAT5e and CAT6 installations. Our network sockets installation ensures that your business’s infrastructure is both robust and future-proof.

WiFi & Connectivity
WiFi & Connectivity

Computer Networks

From switches to routers and access points, our computer network solutions are designed to keep your business connected. We are adept at configuring VLANs, enhancing the performance and security of your network.

Full Office WiFi Coverage & Fibre Links

Our full office business WiFi coverage solutions ensure that every corner of your workspace has reliable internet access. Paired with our fibre link services, we provide the speed and bandwidth necessary for today’s fast-paced business environment.

WiFi & Connectivity

Accessibility & Transport Links

Located in Ruthin at the heart of Denbighshire, Birchall Reality Ltd benefits from strong transport links to Chester, Anglesey, Wrexham, and Flint. This proximity enables us to offer swift, on-site support, and personalised service to businesses throughout North Wales and the West.

Advantage Over Local Competitors

Choosing Birchall Reality Ltd means opting for a partner that combines local presence with a breadth of services usually found in larger firms. With a “service-first” ethos, we ensure our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, giving you a competitive edge in operational efficiency and technological prowess.