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Your Local IT Support in Wrexham: Why Birchall Reality Ltd is the Reliable Choice

When it comes to IT support in Wrexham, Birchall Reality Ltd is both a neighbour and a helping hand. With over 35 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges faced by local businesses and offer services that range from managed IT support to specialised business IT solutions.

How Close We Really Are

Our operational base sits conveniently just down the road in Ruthin, connected to Wrexham via the A483 and A55. The distance doesn’t just translate to miles; it speaks to our rapid response times. On top of that, our remote IT support services mean we’re just a click away.

A Spotlight on Our Services

We’re not just another business IT company. What sets us apart is our bespoke service range tailored to your needs. From proactive, managed IT support that starts at £20 a month to custom network cabling solutions, we’ve got all your bases covered.

  • Managed IT Support: Think of this as your IT worries, outsourced. Proactive, round-the-clock assistance, including business Office 365 support.
  • Business IT Services: Be it setting up a small business WiFi network or offering expert consultancy, we adapt to your business size and sector.
  • WiFi & Connectivity: From small business WiFi mesh systems to enterprise-grade solutions, we are the business WiFi installers you can rely on.
  • Security & Antivirus: As your firewall installer and antivirus guide, we fortify your digital domain.
  • Consultancy Services: Need a second opinion on an IT project? Our consultancy services come with no strings attached.

Advantages Over Local Competitors

What gives us an edge over other managed IT support companies is our focus on local needs. We offer personalised, on-site IT support as well as home office IT support. Our wide array of services, from business WiFi for customers to small business email services, ensures you don’t have to look elsewhere. Plus, with over 150 local businesses served in the last decade, our experience speaks for itself.

In Summary

Choosing Birchall Reality Ltd for your IT support in Wrexham offers you more than just a service; it provides you with a local, trustworthy partner. We offer an unparalleled blend of proximity and expertise, making us the smart choice for any IT needs your business might have.